Music Downloads Aren’t Taboo Anymore

Almost everyone is downloading music nowadays. With the advances in technology, even CDs are dropping in popularity. Who wants to cart around a book of CDs when you can fit twice as many songs on an MP3 player that fits in your hand?

One of the biggest problems with music downloads is that people try to get them for free. Illegal downloads are one of the most serious problems that the music industry faces. Some people don’t think it matters whether they get their music through illegal channels, but the problem has gotten so big that people who download pirated music are being prosecuted.

To keep yourself in the clear, and support the musicians you love, you need to make sure that the music downloads you get are legal. If you are unsure whether a certain site is selling music legally, there are some things that you can check.

The first thing to check is how long the site has been around. Pirating sites are usually shut down fairly quickly, or at least have a lot of problems keeping themselves going. If a site has been around for a long time, they are probably legitimate.

Also, check the names of the songs and artists. If the titles have a lot of misspellings and weird punctuation, the site is probably selling the music illegally. Scrambling the titles and names is an attempt by the person running the store to confuse people searching for pirated material. This is not usually very effective.

Something else you can check is the prices of the songs. If you’ve visited legitimate music companies, you probably have an idea of what music downloads cost. $.99 is a fairly common price for one song that has been out for awhile. If their prices are way lower than this, the music is probably pirated. If they are giving it away for free, you can almost guarantee it is.

Some people still don’t see a problem with downloading music illegally. But there is something they never seem to think about. If the person running the website is unscrupulous enough to cheat musicians out of their paychecks, what might they be willing to do with your personal information?

Buying downloads through completely legal, well established channels not only protects the rights of the musicians, it also protects you. Buying music really isn’t that expensive, and downloading it legally is still usually less expensive than buying a CD.

But the most important thing is that buying music legally keeps you out of trouble. You may think you’re safe because “everybody’s doing it” but there are hefty fines and jail time involved for those who are caught, and there is no way to know if you will be that person.

Find a music store that has been around for awhile and that offers downloads at good prices. Once you find a download store that you like, you’ll be glad to know that the people who earned the money are getting paid, and that your MP3 is full of legal music.