Learn How To Download Free Sound Effects For Use On Your Slideshows

There are plenty of free of sound effects out there for you to choose from. Simply search for “free sound effects” in Yahoo and you will be rewarded with an endless list that links to many other websites that allow you to download their sound effects, for FREE! Learn how to download free sound effects for use on your slideshows, home videos, school projects and many more. Your friends will be truly be amazed by your work.

Why use sound effects?

Well, the reason is simply because you want to be a little bit creative and make your work more attractive. Let’s say you are doing a school project, which involves you to present it to the entire school, you would definitely want to make the best PowerPoint Slideshow for the school right? Then you must have been thinking of what is the best way to keep the audience attentive to your presentation.

The trick lies within the usage of sound effects and movie clips to give your presentation a little oomph. Nothing can be compared to a slideshow that is full of pictures, effects and music.

Amaze your audience with the wide variety of sound effects used. From sounds of cheering to sounds of jeering, from the surf at the beach to the sound of a pouring champagne, you can have them all in your slideshow.

How to use these sound effects?

Simply download a few from the Internet. There are plenty of them available over the Internet, so pick one that suits your slideshow theme the best. Need the sound of a human heartbeat? No problem. It is all free off the Web.

You can use sound effects everywhere, and it does not have to be limited only to your slideshows. Be creative once a while and add these sound effects into family home videos.

You might also want to include sound effects when your computer starts or when a program opens. Personalize your computer sounds and give your computer an ‘attitude’, instead of the normal and boring “Ding” and “Ping” sounds.

When using these sound effects, sometimes you can tweak them a little bit here and there to give you the desired sound effects. If you think that the sound effect is too long, then just use the part that you want. Want just 1 cat meow instead of 5? Just grab what you want to use.

Didn’t have the sound effect that you want? Then try mix matching them. Load one part of an effect and lay another effect over the first. You can add as many layers as you want till you get the desired sound effect. You can simply have the sound of dogs barking over a fountain by using this sleek technique.

If you are looking for a background sound to accompany your slideshow throughout, then you can try the ‘looping technique’. This would require you to loop the same sound effect over and over again without a break or pause. For example, you can loop the sound of the rain, the thunder, the sounds of crickets and such.

The idea here is to be as creative and as adventurous as possible. Explore how you can create the best sound effects for your slideshows without much of a hassle. Have a creative good time!