Free Music Downloads

There are ways to get away with free music downloading. Many people assume that Napster failed just because of the free music, but that’s not the whole story. The truth is people were trading entire cd’s and not just a few songs here and there. That is what got the attention of the media and of lawyers who sued.

Each song that you have on your computer individually is a file. When you go to download sites you are file swapping. This is free of charge and not considered illegal. Maybe just a little dishonest.

File swapping is where two people can exchange songs that at some point had to be purchased by some person. If only one person purchases the song or cd, then it is OK for them to share the file with as many people as they like, because the record company got its cut.

When downloading you may have to download a song a few times before you get a good copy. Sometimes you are just getting a sample. It’s a trick to get you agitated and try to make you go buy the whole cd when you just want that one song. Just keep trying, you will find the song eventually. Remember nothing is free and you may have to put in a little more effort to get what you want.

Don’t bother with sites that want you to fill out a bunch of personal information to get a free download. When you are accepting their terms that you know you never bother reading it says that they can sell your information. If the site is asking for a lot of personal information just move on. There are other sites out there available to you that will not violate your privacy for a free download.