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Download Free PSP Games

Wondering how you can download free PSP games?

You are just a few mouse clicks away.

To start with, you will need a PSP that is version 1.5 or higher. A computer, either Windows or Mac, is also needed along with a high speed USB 2.0 cable. The final requirement is, of course, your own games and music files.

If you’ve decided to download free PSP games from a an illegal site, beware.

However, you can also download free PSP games, music and movie files from just about any source including CDs, DVDs or even your computer.

To build your PSP library, it’s a good idea to buy a bigger memory stick, because the stock one is only 32MB. A 512MB or bigger memory stick is a must if you really want to download free PSP games.

Step 1: Prepare the files for a transfer

Select the movies, PSP games or music files that you want to have on your PSP and then transfer them to your PC. You can do this after ripping them from a CD or a DVD or downloading them from a site.

Step 2: Connect the PSP to the computer

Here you need to connect your PSP and your PC. This can be done by turning on the PSP and subsequently putting it in the USB connect mode. A high speed USB cable is required to connect the computer and the PSP, and without one you will have no luck trying to download free psp games.

Click Start on the computer and go to My Computer. The name of the PSP would vary from computers and its appearance would also depend on how many drives are already associated with the computer.

On a Mac the PSP may show up as a Removable Drive and at times it may show up as Drive E.

Step 3: Finally, It’s Time To Download Free PSP Games!

Next you have to navigate all the folders that are within the PSP and download free PSP games to the right folder. Find the Video, Games or Music folders, then drag and drop the files where they belong.

Step 4: Play, Watch, Listen and Enjoy

Remove the USB cable and take it out of “USB CONNECT” mode after you’ve put the files onto your PSP. The only thing left is to enjoy! You can also find your video, music and games folders in the Memory Stick.

So, now that you know how to download free PSP games from your PC into your PSP, start downloading and enjoying unlimited entertainment.

Free Music Downloading Sites For iPod – A Myth Or Reality?

To be free or not to be free, that is the question? I know this is a pun on Shakespeare, well sort of, but I couldn’t resist it! Unfortunately for music downloading sites it seems to be more of a myth than a reality. Read on to find out why!

Anyway, there’s a more accurate statement, which is “if it’s too good to be true it probably isn’t true.” And which applies to the possibility of free downloading sites. The problem is that there are free sites available but most of these, in fact, I would estimate well over 95% are “rubbish”. I can hear you ask, what you mean by rubbish? Well quite simply, you get free files, but you also get problems attached to them. These problems range from very poor quality download files and/or viruses or Trojans. Hopefully, you haven’t had the misfortune of having downloaded a virus into your PC from one of these sites as take it from me, they can be incredibly difficult to remove (but that’s another article.)!

I think its wise to define here what a free site means iin the context of sourcing music for your iPod.

A free download site will allow you to access files being shared over a user network and accessed from a portal that is controlled by a third-party. Unfortunately, these third parties often utilise the naivete of “surfers” looking to take advantage of “freebies” to download at best adware and at worst malware. However there are times when little jewels of portal sites can be found although these are as rare as hens teeth.

To be honest, music downloading sites that are free are really a myth. You are really going to be hard pressed to find a site of any decent quality that provides the music you want, no viruses and fast download speed. The bottom line is that you’re going to have to pay something!

The real question should be-what are my options and how much am I going to have to pay?

Well, that entirely depends upon several things including, your budget and how much you want to download.

You have several choices initially, you can opt for the pay per download system which includes sites such as Napster and iTunes and pay $0.99 per tune. You can go for monthly subscription sites (usually $10-$15 per month). I won’t be suggesting any here because I don’t think they are good value for money, or you can go for a category of music provision site for iPods termed as an unlimited download site.

Don’t get overly excited here simply because there is a cost attached to membership of such a site. These music downloading sites will set you back at least $35-$40 so they’re not free. However, what you do get, with the reputable ones, is the site should have a wide variety of choice, clean files (no viruses), bonus conversion software, fast download speed and excellent technical support.

After much trial and error and wasted time, not to mention one nasty virus which took me a day to eradicate I finally opted for the unlimited download site category.

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