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Free Music Download Sites – Are They Really Free?

You have your new Zune and you’re looking to put as much music, video, movies etc. on it as you can. One of the options is the free music download sites.

Before you use one of these sites it’s worth comparing it with the more legitimate sites to make sure you make the right decision. There are lots of free music download software programs out there and more and more becoming available every day.

Now, are these sites really free?

Typically, the free download sites have pop-ups, adware, spyware etc. They quite often have a “Pro” version that don’t have the ads but these can actually be more expensive than some pay sites. So they do come with a price – either you end up paying more, or you have the annoying ads, and potentially, viruses on your computer. In some extreme cases, it could mean legal problems too!

Almost all pay sites come with no pop-ups, technical support, privacy protection and a money-back guarantee or free trial offer. This means that even if you don’t like the service there is little financial risk as you will get your money back.

Some people think that they will try the free sites first and then move to the pay sites if they need to. That is all well and good, but the membership sites only charge $30-$50 for lifetime membership. That’s so inexpensive, is it really worth the risk?

The best thing to do is to research all the options and then choose the service with the least risk and best value for money. In most cases that will be the membership sites or the pay per download sites.

Is Rhapsody Music Downloads Service Getting A Good Rhap?

Rhapsody music, from RealNetworks is one of several reputable legal digital services for legal music downloads. In order to download online music or hear songs from them you have to pay for them first. In Rhapsody’s case, the cost is $9.99 per month after a 14 day free trial (the cost may reduced if you purchase it quarterly). Along with Rhapsody, these also include iTunes, Musicnet, Musicnow, wal-mart downloads, and the newly revived Napster.

The Rhapsody music service [] consists of over 1.2 million music downloads tracks in its catalog, thanks to nitching deals with all five label giants and over 500 independent labels.

Its fully-featured jukebox that makes Rhapsody music downloads searches a snap and importing tunes from, let’s say, a CD easy. Other elegant features include the ability to incorporate different files such as MP3, WMA, AAC (M4A), and RealAudio to your main Library. And you can mix these files in the library any way you like and develop different playlists after you import tracks and/or stream or download online music.

I’m very sure that the Rhapsody music downloads service will only improve with time.

So how did it all start?

Well, we need to rewind the clock some four years ago…

During that time iTunes did not exist, and Napster’s outlawed ancestor had reached its demise a few months prior. Nonetheless, there was… drumroll… Rhapsody.

While part of, the Rhapsody music downloads service [] was launched in December 2001. It wasn’t until July, however, that songs from all major labels became part of its diverse catalog. RealNetworks acquired in August 2003. After thus changing the name to RealRhapsody, the service regained its classic title, “Rhapsody”.

Downloading the software is fairly straight forward. Be advised, however, that this software is not Mac compatible. The music downloads and streamed tracks from Rhapsody are compatible with Windows Media devices which, of course, are only found on Windows PC’s and compatible portable devices.

The interface consists of your simple Play, Stop, etc. functions on the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Next to this is track information including: the title, the artist, and the album. A brief bio plays to the right of the track interface.

So how do you search for your favorite artist or song? Easy… just type it in the Search bar and press “Go”. Once you have found your song, you usually can INSTANTLY play it without downloading it – i.e., you can stream it. In some cases, you can automatically download online music while you listen to the stream. Note: sometimes when you press play, a “!” will appear in a triangle meaning that the stream is unavailable. In this case, you need to press the “+” sign. This adds the track to your Library where you can access it from there and add it to your playlist in the form of music downloads.

That said, the streams are of such excellent quality it seems the song is already downloaded on your computer.

If you don’t want the song to be played immediately (such as if you’re in the middle of listening to another song) you can just press the “+” sign to the left of the song title. Again, this will automatically store the song to the main library. In order to bring it to the playlist, you will have to open up the Library first and then drag the song to your playlist, much the same as how you would do with any other digital music downloads service.

If your library is large, don’t worry. The library search tool is similar to that of iTunes – very easy to find your tune or artist in order to stream or download online music.

OK. So these are some of the handy-dandy features of Rhapsody. But do they contribute to a pleasant experience for music downloads fans?

Stay tuned for my next article…

Unlimited Music Downloads May Cost A Little

Though the Internet has proved to be a big boon for all of us, there is always the issue of piracy. This will include the music industry, and there are various sites that offer unlimited music downloads illegally. However the music industry must not be disheartened and they must ensure that their songs are found only on legal sites. Unlimited music downloads have various sites that offer these services.

The best sites that can be used are the ones that ask for a fee. You may wonder why this is, but in case downloads do happen from free sites, there may be the issue of copyrights. Thus a good site can be chosen, and all users may pay a little fee to get the access to unlimited number of songs. Songs from all categories are available on such sites.

Hip-hop, country, classic, you name it and you will find all that you want. However this will be at a small fee. This is worth paying for, as the cost is definitely less than buying so many music CDs. This pay will also be for a onetime payment, and there will be access for a lifetime. These sites will offer good customer support, and will help find any songs that one is unable to find.

With these music sites you can play the songs as well as save them all to the computer. There will be no need to pay per track either, as the fee will be toward the entire music library. If people want to have trials also they may have, and it would last up to two weeks, after which they will have to pay for the services. And the next best thing about music sites is that there will be no need to listen to bits and pieces of songs.

The entire song can be heard, and this will make the experience enjoyable. Many reputed sites will ask for requirements, about the operating system as well as the broadband connection. Media player is also a point to be remembered while using unlimited music downloads. There will be thousands of playlists that one can choose from.

Besides all these features, some sites may even have offers to users. They may get some time of free access depending on what kind of schemes they buy. Unlimited music downloads are thus for music lovers as well as those who want to pick up a few tracks.

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