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Legal Music Downloads


1) Is it really possible to find legal sources for kids and their parents to download music over the Internet ?

2) Why should illegal music downloads be of concern to music listeners ?

First of all, yes, there certainly are a great many ways to download free music legally, or for very low cost. A small sample of these quality music sites can be found through the links at the end of this article. Secondly, illegal music downloading should be of concern to music listeners that care about musicians, and the long term health of the music industry. This ultimately affects the quality and the diversity of the music that listeners long to hear.

Suppose as a writer, your long and laborious efforts to create worthwhile literature, were suddenly made available for free on the Internet ? Personally, I write free articles on the Internet to promote my business. I do this by choice because this is simply the way the Internet works, and how business is done best on the Internet. I provide free quality information on topics such as Google, Technology and the Internet in order to gain a prospect’s trust and attract paying

Out of respect for music itself, and the worldwide community of musicians, there has to be a compromise between the corporate music business and those who want all music to be free all the time.

Let’s take a long term point of view, from something other than the obviously selfish desire to get music for free. The long term effect of illegal music downloading will inevitably be fewer musicians, as well as less music diversity. I have friends that are musicians, and I know that there are many musicians who produce quality music, who for one reason or another have not been able to sign with one of the “big five” recording companies. Their ability to focus on their music full-time rather than as a part-time job, is heavily dependent on the smaller recording company to promote and sell their music.

One company that appears to follow the principle of mutual benefit in their business practices is listed below.

1) Their music repertoire is diverse and of consistent quality. All music is available for download in CD quality format, (as opposed to lower quality MP3 format).

2) Their motto is “We are not evil”. They split royalties 50/50 with their artists. This is unheard of in the music industry. It seems that for more than just a few musicians, this company is making a significant impact on their artists professional livelihood.

3) They offer their customers very reasonable prices on a sliding scale, depending on what the customer wants to pay for an album, (at approximately 30 percent below industry averages). Some albums are priced as low as $ 5.00. They also allow the music to be shared with 3 of the customer’s friends legally. What better way is there for music to be known and to make their artists available to a broad audience ?

The name of this company is Magnatune. It seems that they they are one of the standard bearers of the new recording company business model. Perhaps the music business can be an attractive one for recording company, musician, and music listener.

Note: Although popular subscription sites like ITunes, Rhapsody and Napster offer non copy-protected music, the problem of unfair compensation to musicians according the big business model of the major record labels remains. Note: Apple allegedly gives a mere 10 cents of every 99 cents it charges per downloaded song to the artist.

It appears that artists make surprisingly little from there recorded music, which is surprising when you consider how many CD’s are purchased and the myriad of retail stores that sell CD’s.

One of the most insightful articles I have read in a long time was recently features in Wired Magazine by David Byrne (an eclectic artist, formerly of Talking Heads). He explains that there are a variety of business models for artists to choose from the standard recording contract to totally self recorded and self promoted music. He predicts that in 4-5 years, almost half of the music purchased will be downloaded and purchased online.

You can read it at: the following link: David Byrne’s Wired magazine article.

Final Note: this author assumes no responsibility for the actions of readers of this article. The purpose of this article is to provide information on, and to encourage legal downloading only.

If the reader chooses to use file sharing or swapping services, (P2P sites), it is his or her responsibility alone. Illegal downloads are discouraged for the additional untended potential consequences such as: inappropriate content, viruses, Trojans, worms, or other software malfunctions that can and do occur.

Legal Music Downloads

Downloading music from the internet is a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to expand you music library. Music downloads can even let you listen to music that you wouldn’t otherwise have had access to. The only problem is that there have been so many illegal music download sites in the news that a lot of us are afraid to get any music online.

The legal repercussions of downloading music from an illegal site range from annoying to devastating. Even if you don’t realize that music downloads you’ve been enjoying were from an illegal site, you can be held liable for having them on your computer.

How can you be sure that you are getting legal music downloads and not files that will get you into legal trouble? The best way to go is with a well-known and reputable site that charges you for the songs that you download. By downloading your music from a site that you know and which provides music legally, your can eliminate the risk of having illegal files on your computer.

Two of the most well-known paid download sites that most of us already know about are Napster and iTunes. These sites offer you the convenience of downloading music directly to your computer to listen to on your portable music player. You may even be able to use your purchased tracks to burn CDs for backup purposes.

Which of these sites will provide you with the best quality downloads for the best price? They’ll both provide you with easily-accessible music download options, but there are some significant differences in ease of use, price, and overall experience.

Napster is well-known as one of the most famous previously-illegal music sites. The takedown of Napster’s illegal music download service was felt all throughout the Internet community. Napster then came back as a legal service, which has cemented its reputation as one of the world’s leading music download services. Napster’s intuitive site design and huge library of over 5 million tracks let you choose the music that you what and the method of listening that suits you.

Napster lets you either stream music directly from the website for free (up to fives times per track with no downloads allowed) or pay to download your favorite songs. If you choose to download your music, you’ll have the choice of using them only on your computer or loading them onto your portable music player.

The good points of Napster are its ease of use, its attractive and intuitive user controls, and the fact that it allows you to stream full songs for free (up to five times each).

The price points of Napster’s paid plans are higher than other comparable services. If you choose to download your songs to a CD, you’ll pay additional 00 cents each on top of the monthly subscription fee. The songs are in WMA format, so you won’t be able to play them on your iPod or some other MP3 players. And perhaps the biggest negative of all is that when you cancel your Napster subscription, you lose access to all your download music.

iTunes is well known for being Apple’s digital music product.It’s free to download and doesn’t require any monthly membership fees. Every music purchase is made on an individual basis, whether it’s one song or an entire album. You can burn CDs from your purchased music, and you can play purchased music on up to five computers. iTunes is, of course, compatible with iPods. Its interface is attractive and ease to use, and the program’s library makes it simple to organize your music. The songs that you download are yours to keep and don’t go away when you stop using iTunes, which is a huge benefit that it has over Napster.

On the down side, iTunes can take up a lot of memory when it’s running. The songs you’ll get from the iTunes store are in a proprietary format that can’t be played in other types of MP3 players or with other software on your computer. There is no subscription service available, which a lot of music lovers fell would help to round out the offerings.

Overall, both services have a lot to offer. Although Napster’s unlimited downloads are cheaper in the beginning, you end paying more per song that you want to keep permanently or burn to a CD. On the other hand, this allows you to try out lots of music before deciding which tracks to buy – something that iTunes doesn’t offer.

The choice is yours, and it can be a hard one to make. The best way to decide is to take advantage of Napster’s free introductory offer and compare the two sites before committing to one or the other.

Free Music Download for PSP

PSP is an amazing piece of gadget, it is not only a handheld game device but it is also a media player. It is not only a gadget for gamers but also a music player for music lovers. The good thing about having a PSP is that you can also get free music download for PSP if you are curious enough to find out where to get free downloads.

There are a lot of pay per download websites on the internet that could offer you good services and good file downloads but if you plan to create a huge collection of music files on your PSP it could be very expensive. Getting music download for PSP could be really expensive over time if you will pay for every download.

It is a good thing that now with the popularity of PSP there are a lot of websites and services coming out to give you more options on how to get music download for PSP. One option is to download from free P2P websites or peer-to-peer website like Limewire. The positive thing about this site is that the downloads are totally free. But the negative side is that members also share illegal copies of copyrighted materials and this is a violation of the law. The authorities are extremely concern about this and you might get into trouble. You also do not have control over viruses and spyware because you are just utilizing free services. The negative side outweighs the positive, so you have to take the risks if you really want to get free music download for PSP.

However if you could spend an affordable fee for a membership, then there are websites offering free music download for PSP for a one time payment for the membership. Once you become a member all downloads are free and these websites are offering unlimited downloads. Remember that you will only pay once for the membership and no recurring charges after that and no fee per download. These websites are also offering round the clock customer service and technical support and will provide you with all the tools you need to start downloading easily.