Legal Zune Music Downloads – The Importance of Downloading Music For Zune Legally

Those Zune owners, who download music off the Internet, become more and more aware of legal Zune music downloads. Obviously, downloading copyright-protected music from unauthorized websites is no better than stealing. The reason why quite a lot of people are still doing that is free stuff, and this sounds too tempting to ignore. Yet, there are definite benefits of legal Zune music downloads, in spite of the fact that they do not come for free.

Full Protection for Your PC and Zune

This is, probably, the biggest advantage of legal music. The files you download from trusted sources are 100% malware and virus free. You do not need to worry for your PC or Zune getting harmed. On the other hand, illegal music sources are never clean – you get spyware through file sharing application, adware through annoying pop-ups, and viruses through downloaded files.

Greater Quality

Legal Zune music downloads are always of the highest quality and, needless to say, they are in the right format. Illegal music often comes in degraded quality, and songs might be incomplete.

Better Organization and Easy Navigation

Authorized sites for Zune downloads are well-organized and make it very easy to search for a particular track. There is no chance for a wrongly labeled track in their music libraries. Shady music sharing networks and other suspicious music sources can be highly disorganized and confusing, making the navigation complicated and misleading for the user.

Professional Customer Support

Should you have any problem downloading the songs or using the site, professional support is always available and ready to help. It makes getting legal Zune music downloads completely hassle-free. Do not count on any technical assistance on free illegal websites – even if it is there formally, on practice it is always unavailable.

No Fear of Getting Fined

Downloading music legally, you can relax: you are not violating any law, so there is no reason to face a lawsuit. Illegal activity on music sites (even if you only download the music and do not share) can lead to huge fines as some cases showed.

In case you are under the impression that legal music downloads are always too expensive, you will be happy to know that you are wrong. Go to my blog and learn where you can get legal Zune music downloads at the lowest price on the Web.

Download Free PSP Music

Still looking for free PSP music downloads? It can often be tough, with all these PSP download sites claiming to have “free music downloads”. Here is a simple guide to finding it.

The PSP will only play music in MP3 format. So you have a few choices when searching for PSP music.

There are plenty of pay-per-download sites out there, such as iTunes. These sites will offer quality downloads, but when you pay a dollar a song it starts to add up when you build a music collection like mine. So this method is not recommended if you plan to download multiple PSP songs.

Another option is to download a free peer-to-peer program, such as Limewire. These peer-to-peer programs are basically file sharing programs where you download the files from other users. The upside is that they can be used for free, the downside is that often the files may be low quality. I’ve downloaded lots of songs where I’ve noticed the song wasn’t what I downloaded. Another thing to be aware of when using peer-to-peer programs is viruses. Often the files will contain harmful trojans and viruses. This method is not recommended for downloading PSP music.

There are sites out specially designed for PSP downloads. The downloads include PSP music, games, movies, wallpaper, software, and more. So how much do these sites cost to join? It obviously depends on the site, some of them will require you to pay a monthly subscription fee, while others may charge a one-time fee around $35. The reputable PSP download sites will give you access to unlimited downloads with no extra fees. This can save you a TON of money in the long run.

So, what do you need to look for in a PSP downloading service?

  • One-Time Membership Fee – Never pay a monthly fee, only join services which charge a one-time fee.
  • Unlimited Downloads – Look for services that don’t limit the amount of your downloads.
  • Customer Service – Free 24/7 technical support is definitely a plus, who knows when you may need it.

You can benefit in more ways than one by joining a PSP downloading service. With the ability to find all your PSP music, games, movies, and more, it can be a PSP owners dream come true.

Is It Illegal to Download Free Music?

The Confusion Surrounding Music Copyright Law

Because there are so many different ways to get free music off the internet, there has become a lot of confusion and conflicting views as to what is legal and what isn’t.

“OK, so it’s illegal to burn a copy of a CD and distribute it. So are you telling me I can’t burn a mix CD and give it to a few of my friends?”

“It’s illegal to download free songs of peer-to-peer websites and servers, but can I download a song from my friend over Dropbox?”

These types of song copying and distribution leave many feeling that the laws are vague and outdated, so they just continue on downloading music illegally.

The increasingly popular technique of “YouTube to mp3″ where you grab the mp3 file from a video someone posted of a song has only added to the problem.

Is that illegal too?

Let’s take a look.

The FBI Warning

You know how when you’re watching a movie on a DVD (for those of us who still do that) and on the screen comes that familiar “FBI WARNING” that tells you the material is copyrighted and it’s illegal to make unauthorized copies of said material of any kind… etc.

Well, despite what some outdated articles might say, this copyright (or internet piracy) law also applies to music.

What does that mean?

Redistribution of any kind, without the artists consent, is illegal. And if you participate by knowingly downloading music that is being distributed without the artist’s consent, you are participating in illegal activity.

This article at IBM compared using these third-party sites just to rip music from YouTube, like “using cassette tapes to record songs of the radio”.

And peer-to-peer servers as well as other websites that don’t even technically host the files on their website, are still participating in this illegal activity, and in the future, copyright companies will continue to be cracking down on this activity.

Are There Other Options?

Yes. You are not without hope. There are so many options. Honestly, with all the options out there it’s amazing how many people are still working so hard to download music for free (OK, there’s not that many). I remember those days, myself.

And I cringe at the thought of having to once again edit the properties of each individual song so that it would be neat and orderly on my iPod.

Never again.

While you do have the option of subscribing to a music streaming service as many have, if you’d like to keep listening to your music very cheaply without an internet connection and you want to actually own the songs you’re listening to, I’d recommend a service like Mp3million, where you can download songs for nickels and dimes. These kinds of sites are legal as long as they are paying royalties on the song licenses. And with that said, hopefully you’ll be on your way to continue your music downloading lifestyle without (too much) interruption.